Neon Soapbox is a boutique PR/Marketing and Management agency focusing specifically on emerging musicians.  From creative direction to playlist consulting, we focus on hyper-targeted public relations and other services for bands, artists, musicians, and brands. We listen to you, and we help you design a campaign that not only fits your image, but will create relevant impact for your music. 


We are journalists before we are "publicists" — we get to know our artists, often become their friends, we become fans of their music, and learn what makes them tick. We then find the outlets who want to tell those stories with us and all the interesting things that led the artist to "write that one song..". and then tell the stories WITH the outlet. 


 Of course, this is something anyone can do, right? But do they do a test run 3-4 weeks ahead of release, gathering important feedback to help position the song correctly and get the most out of submitting your song? We do! Music is subjective, and we work hard to find where your music might fit into the world so that on the day of release we aren't guessing what "genre" fans might think you are. 


Worried about your photos and if they are polished enough for Press? We can help produce photoshoots with our favorite photographers (and makeup artists, groomers, and stylists) to ensure your press photos will get the attention they deserve. Already took photos but can't decide which of the three hundred are best? We can help. Need help creating single artwork? Yeah, we do that too! 


Don't understand how playlisting works? We can explain it, and refer you to some of our favorite playlister friends — all white label and legal, to help get your song noticed. 


We have a small roster of artists and producers we manage, since many of these things tend to overlap. But even if we don't manage you, and you need a producer — we can help with that too.