Executive Producer / VP Music Development 

Patrick James "PJ" Bianco has built an undoubtedly successful career on an accidental talent, which has nothing to do with his award-winning songwriting skills: his aptitude for Artist Development. Back in the early 2000’s, Bianco was working with The Jonas Brothers — who, like Bianco, are also originally from New Jersey — creating hit singles like “When You Look Me in The Eyes.” The success of the trio led him to continue working with Nick Jonas as a solo artist. Nearly ten years later, Bianco has found more recent success in the artist development of synth-rock trio, A R I Z O N A — who oddly enough, are also from New Jersey — who signed to APG/Atlantic in 2015. Although A R I Z O N A isn’t the household name of “Jonas” just yet, the band along with Bianco, has generated hundreds of millions of streams, made millions in synch licensing to date and are continuing their upswing in music with a second full length LP planned for release this year (2018). ”The truth of the music industry is that just as having a great song that resonates with listeners is important, investing in the artist’s brand is more valuable than any individual song could ever be. It used to be that you heard a song on the radio, and if it was great — no one really cared about what the band looked like or what their “brand” was before buying the album. Now, fans see the artist and their brand often times before they ever hear a single note…. So it’s just as important, if not more important. If the listener identifies with the brand, and as long as the brand is solidified and identifiable, you have more chances to steadily grow a fan base….” 

He adds, “With so much of consumerism wrapped up in visual marketing like Instagram, every artist has to have a bold presence not only musically, but in every aspect. People want to buy into your “brand” that just so happens to include great music you wrote — music can no longer exist on its’ own, I wish it could, but that’s not what people want.”


Creative Director / VP Marketing and Strategy

As the niece of a live News Director, the daughter of a line of seamstresses, and daughter of songwriter/producer Mike Piccirillo — the Los Angeles native knew she’d most likely land somewhere in the world of entertainment. Angie’s father, Mike Piccirillo, is largely responsible for Angie’s obsession with music. Having written and produced songs for artists like Smokey Robinson, Robert John, Kim Carnes, 80’s Pop Icon Tiffany, and more — Angie learned everything she knows about music from sitting in his studio. After a four year stint as one of the only females and the only executive under thirty at a movie trailer house, Angie started using her “movie trailer” marketing skills for musician friends who were having trouble breaking through because of the shift in streaming platforms. Deciding to take the problem upon herself, Angie became a music journalist in order to introduce what she felt was good music to the world. She still freelances for digital magazines such as: Galore, The Plaid Zebra, The Huffington Post, Paste, Ladygunn, Inked, Nylon, Alt Press and serves as Editor At Large for LadyGUNN magazine. At Neon Soapbox, Angie combines her past skills from filmmaking, film/TV production, fashion styling and designing, with marketing and PR sensibilities — making for cutting edge marketing campaigns for emerging musicians.